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Cause and Solution of Trip of High Pole Lamp

time:Nov 15, 2022 Views:

The price of the high pole lamp is determined by the configuration demand of the high pole lamp, such as the height and wall thickness of the high pole lamp, the number of fire light sources configured for the high pole lamp, and the power of the light source.

The height of the high pole lamp has been admitted, and the wall thickness and caliber have been standardized. As a result, the price of the pole part has been admitted. At this time, the price of the high pole lamp is mainly affected by the light source. The amount of light source and the power of each fire has a greater impact on the price of high pole lamps. If the high pole lamp is tripped, it is not easy to trip after connection. In general, power tripping of high pole lamp is caused by short circuit of light source or line damage of high pole lamp, which causes the relay protection equipment to be started by short circuit current, automatically disconnects the circuit breaker at the event end, and changes the planning of small end to achieve the effect of circuit maintenance.

The tripping of high pole lamp means that the circuit breaker supplying power to the defective point is broken, and the relay connection is not easy to trip.

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