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Maintenance of landscape lamp battery

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Landscape lamp is a kind of lighting equipment that can be applied by relying on solar photovoltaic. It can be installed locally only with sufficient light. Because it does not cause environmental pollution, it is called an environmental protection and energy-saving commodity. Landscape lights are mainly used in streets, so they are greatly disturbed by natural conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the landscape lamp and the extended service life, it is necessary to improve the component configuration. The main factors that interfere with the service life of the landscape lamp are the light source, the light source starter, the landscape lamp controller and the battery.

Maintenance of landscape lamp battery(图1)

1. Light source: The service life of different light sources is also different. The typical ones are LED street lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, etc. Nowadays, the typical ones are LED street lamps and sodium lamps. These two features are: low price of sodium lamp, but short service life. Led has excellent quality, long service life, and can run for more than ten years without problems.

2. Light source starter: Different light source starters are different. Like LED light source, constant current source drive is applied. The quality of constant current source drive can directly interfere with the application of street lamps. The basic parameters of constant current source drive are mainly: crossflow accuracy, output power, parameter settings, etc.

3. Landscape lamp controller: the controller for landscape lamp application The function of the landscape lamp controller is to control the charging of the battery by the landscape lamp battery panel and the power supply and lighting of the landscape lamp. The precision and functional stability of the landscape lamp controller play a key role, and the good and bad of the landscape lamp are controlled by it. A relatively stable landscape lamp controller plays a key role in the service life of the battery.

4. Battery: The quality characteristics of the battery used for landscape lamps can directly affect the service life of street lamps. Generally, batteries with relatively stable quality are selected, so the price will be more expensive than those of ordinary landscape lamp manufacturers. Good batteries have a long service life. It should also be noted that water intrusion and other accidents should be avoided during construction, otherwise the service life of street lamps will be seriously affected. More attention should be paid to the above points in the design of landscape lights, which can better extend the service life of landscape lights.

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