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Tips for purchasing landscape lights

time:Nov 15, 2022 Views:

The way to order landscape lights is to have a good grasp of the goods themselves, and to match the goods with the installation site.

The landscape lamp is evolved from the street lamp. With the pursuit of beauty, the demand for environment and artistic lighting is also rising. The enthusiasm of landscape lamp manufacturers to invest in landscape lighting is growing. The landscape lamp is just in line with people's pursuit and beautifies the environment, bringing artistic and aesthetic features to the evening. In terms of color, landscape lights can be made into colorful, several projection effects, such as stage, large leisure square, entertainment venues, etc.

 Tips for purchasing landscape lights(图1)

Whether steel Q235 or stainless steel is used, the service life of the landscape lamp is more than 25 years, but the landscape lamp also has a bright feature, so the use of stainless steel materials just meets this feature, especially at night, the stainless steel material surface can reflect the color of the light source around, making the city night scene more charming and charming.

Street lamps are relatively large in size and style, so the total inventory is relatively small or there is no inventory. They can only be customized. Usually, the customization cycle is one to three weeks, depending on the total amount and complexity.

Nowadays, the outside of the common landscape lamp is all made of conductor material, which is equivalent to a lightning rod. In the design, downlead and ground grid must be installed, and this system constitutes the external lightning protection system. The system can avoid fire and life safety accidents caused by direct lightning strike on street lamps. The internal lightning protection system refers to the protection of the equipment through grounding, voltage protection and other methods inside the street lamp. The system can avoid inductive lightning and other forms of over-voltage intrusion, causing power damage, which can not be guaranteed by external lightning protection systems. The two are complementary to each other. The internal lightning protection system needs to connect the external lightning protection system or set overvoltage protector on many components, such as chassis, cables and metal pipelines entering and leaving the protection area, and make equipotential connection.

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